I’m Tessa (she/her). Here’s a little bit about me: 

I live on Treaty 6 Territory, more specifically Saskatoon! I’ve been married for almost seven years. Jeff has always been my biggest cheerleader in every challenge that I take on. He is non-judgmental, hard working, and the best Dad.  We have two busy boys!  Everett is five years old and Tucker is two. We also have a ten  year old Boston Terrier/Pug named Timothy. Some days our house feels like complete chaos, but there's always joy and laughter too. 

I am a teacher in a behavior program called LOFT at Pope John Paul II school, and a grad student at the U of S. Most weeks I'm not sure if I'm a full-time teacher and part-time photographer, or a full-time photographer and part-time teacher. Either way, this career mix compliments each other perfectly. As a teacher I'm always scanning the classroom to find students who may need assistance. This skill transfers over to photography, especially in weddings, as I enjoy scanning the crowd to see who is moved by the ceremony or reception speeches! I love those sneaky candid shots. 

Some fun facts about me - I love Disney and most nerdy things. I still laugh every time I watch The Office. I am a sucker for an underdog story. I cry at every wedding I go to at least once. I love all forms of baking more than I should. And I think dogs are seriously the best.      

My goal has always been to capture authentic moments. I am passionate about nose and eye crinkles from laughing so hard, and I’m equally as passionate about documenting real connection between lovers and families. I do a lot of prompting instead of posing, but I think that makes everything a little more fun! Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

I promise, I’m a great third wheel!


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